Saturday, July 3, 2010

This is a Test

For all my PROGRESSIVE friends out there:

One PROGRESSIVE social program that works. Just one. By "works" I mean, as in business, it is on-time, under-budget and does what it was designed to do.

Yeah, I didn't think so.


Ordinary Jill said...

You mean that businesses are always on-time, under-budget and one-hundred percent successful? Really? Have you never dealt with a remodeling contractor?

You are setting different standards for business than for government.

The Civilian Conservation Corps was very successful. So is the FDIC.

Deekaman said...

Not at all. Those are (generally) the criteria used to measure success in private business. No, they do not always meet that criteria...which is why businesses should never be "too big to fail".

FDIC is arguably not so much a success. They indemnify bad choices. CCC? Maybe. I'd have to do more research, but I am doubtful that they meet the criteria by virtue of being part of the Federal Government.

Dad29 said...

FDIC is arguably not so much a success. They indemnify bad choices.

An interesting case.

FDIC actually works like an insurance company, except when they are NOT working like one; when that happens, they borrow from Treasury.

Their charter is to protect depositors of banks. Actually, it is the BANKS who make 'bad choices' when they lose megabucks on loans.

As a depositor, YOU did not make a 'bad choice,' because the bank doesn't tell you about their loan portfolio, do they?

And even if they did, would you know in advance that The Charlie Brown Company was going BK?

I'll go with Jill. FDIC works pretty well.