Saturday, May 15, 2010

Anti-War Types and Other Lefties

The Beer: We are having a lunch of Buffalo Chicken Pizza and a nice Saison.

The Bicycle: Tough week to ride. 25 or more with the neighborhood boyyyyzzz tomorrow morning.

The VRWC: We were at Bayshore this morning and as we were leaving there was this older (my age, I suppose) couple with the usual 60's-hippie-turned-late-middle-age look holding anti-war posters and "stuff". Big Peace sign and the usual accoutrement. At that point, it occured to me that these folks believe they are speaking, "truth to power". I don't think they really understand. And like any good lefty, they would be unwilling to die for what they believe either way. Better Red than dead. Rather than take to the streets of Bangkok, Tehran or Tienanmen Square, they would cower in a safe place because, well....they might get hurt. Or worse. Death is the worst thing that can become them.

People who believe in something enough that they are willing to die for it are those who really speak "Truth to Power". Not some old hippies waving signs on a street corner in Glendale.

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