Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ozaukee Republicans Tankard

Jim Ott came to the Ozaukee Republicans Tankard tonight. I am grateful to him for his update on the abomination of a bill called a "Green Jobs Bill".

If the rest of the group is all Ozaukee county has for Republican leadership, the GOP really needs help. Folks, you still don't understand. We are not your "shills". You come to us. If you do, we will vote for you. Then we will pay attention to what you do in office and hold you accountable.

Ozaukee Patriots


Starman said...

Tell us more...what didn't you like about the other GOP-ers?

Deekaman said...

Some of them struck me as being 1) a little too complacent and 2) willing to accept the status quo within the Party. Some were very interested in what we were doing, but some looked at us like we were from another planet - they underestimate us.

Dad29 said...

We ARE from another planet.

Planet Reality.